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ABOUT US-  Company Profile

Our company's strength lay in it's vast experience in a variety of fields, operating since 1980, we are a consultant engineer's firm operating at the forefront of Electrical, Control and  Communication market in Israel, in terms of size, professional experience and scope of projects undertaken by the company within Israel and abroad.
To meet the advanced planning challenges - requiring high engineering skills, advanced experience and knowledge accumulation, as well as keeping up with schedules and giving good, quick and courteous service – we have developed and maintained a sizable pool of quality human knowledge, while maintaining:

Technological knowledge accumulation: a computerized database of engineering algorithms, technical papers, internet links and planning models.

Human resources: veteran, experienced and permanent employees, whose work environment offer challenges and makes full use of their personal qualifications. Their training is achieved through courses and seminars.

Professional credibility: planning and consultancy of the highest level while learning and adapting to the client's needs; preparation of primary characterization which presents the best and most cost-effective solutions.

Schedules: integration of the planning team in the overall planning process while maintaining a strict adherence to the schedule at each and every step of the engineering process, until completion of the project.

Courtesy: we place the highest emphasis on courtesy and personal integrity, and believe that good working relationship based on them will contribute to an efficient working process and the success of the project.

A. Manpower

Our agency employs about 12 technical employees in the areas of electricity, communication and control.
most of whom have been employed for over a decade. These include:
•seven engineers with a master's degree
•four engineers with a bachelor's degree
•interior architect and lighting designer

B.Fields of Specialization

Master plans: for high voltage and low voltage electricity, lighting, control, multimedia, home & business automation, energy efficiency, telephone and telecommunications systems on the level of:
•preparing a foundation plan
•preparing city building plans
•building and development

High voltage and energy production systems: planning high voltage energy distribution systems, energy production via generators, direct current (DC), battery reservoirs, hydro-electrical power stations and emergency energy production via UPS.

High survivability systems: for military compounds, laboratories and industry plants.

Distribution and automation systems: planning of electricity distribution systems, control and automation panels.

Instrumentation and control: planning of measurement, operation and computerized control systems (production processes).

Lighting design and planning: for public buildings and exterior facilities, while paying special attention to conceptual aspects and achieving engineering solutions for technical details.


Street lighting.

Very low voltage systems including:
•fire and smoke detection, fire fighting by gas or powder
•building control
•advanced telephony and intercom
•advanced military communication infrastructures

Sanitary fire detection and extinguishing systems: for public buildings, industrial plants, exterior facilities and swimming pools.

Systems coordination: for exterior facilities and public buildings.

Contact us:


168 Jabotinsky St., Bney-Brak 51360, Israel,

T: +972-3-5781311

F: +972-3-5706870


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